Democrats: Anything to Avoid Meeting With Voters

After four decades of urging students, hippies, communists, and agitators to come out en masse to protest the U.S. government, protests that commonly turned to violence, Democrats are at last finding a protest they don’t like because, with the healthcare debate, this time it is a protest of them and not by them.

Amazingly, Democrats have suddenly discovered that government should be meekly accepted, wholly given in to, obeyed without question and a lap dog Old Media has seemingly agreed. Any of you that heard only as little as a year ago that “protest was patriotic,” or that “dissent was the highest form of patriotism” are now gravely informed that to say a cross word against the Obammessiah makes one “dangerous.”

And now, Democrat Party bigwigs are passing down the directives to their Congressional membership that townhalls are verboten from this point forward. Congressmen returning to their districts are being told to find ways to avoid their voters as much as possible.

Instead of holding large meetings, now Democrats returning back home are trying to corral voters into small gatherings, one-on-one meetings, phone calls, or simply not meeting with them at all. These cowards realize that their efforts to back Obama’s socialist take over of nearly 20% of the American economy is anathema to a large portion of the electorate and they don’t want to hear about it. These elected officials’ minds are made up and what the voters want is immaterial.

You see, they know better than we do. They know what’s good for us. We are all too stupid to “get” it. Democrat lawmakers don’t need to hear from those that sent them to Congress, you see. They are better than you.

This shouldn’t deter Americans that stand against the Europeanization of the United States, of course. The U.S. does not have a communist tradition. We are a self-reliant, strong willed, useful people that does not need the nanny state to hold our hands from the cradle to the grave like Europeans do. In fact the very thought of the nanny state should disgust the true American spirit.

So, don’t let the cowardly lions of Congress deter you, America. If you feel strongly that Obamacare is a dangerous step to the nanny state, gather together in front of your representative’s office, whether it’s empty of that representative or not. Tell the world how you feel. We have an outside possibility to stop this dangerous, un-American healthcare takeover but only if we let our voices be heard.

And as we badger our elected officials to actually represent us instead of their national ambitions, we can also remind Obama that we elected a president, not a king.

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