Army Vet Who Joined Up to Combat ISIS Has a Challenge

Army Vet Who Joined Up to Combat ISIS Has a Challenge

The slaughter of Christians by ISIS barbarians should concern all of us. One Army vet has taken up arms with Iraqi Christians and has a challenge for the President and leaders world-wide.


From Western Journalism:

An Iraq War US Army veteran, Brett, has decided to fight ISIS by joining up with the group Dwekh Nawsha. Dwekh Nawsha is a Christian militia formed primarily to fight against ISIS.

Brett began by studying Arabic for a few semesters at a school in Lebanon. He then became the first foreigner to join up with Dwekh Nasha (which means self-sacrifice).

Brett stated in an interview with IJReview:

“As far as the risk, it means nothing to me; when my brethren are dying I think not of myself.

When people ask me why I’m [in Iraq], I have a natural tendency to say, ‘what has stopped other people from doing this?’

And I wonder, why aren’t other people doing this? Where are the rest of the people coming to help?”

What did Jesus tells us: What you do to least of them, you have done it unto me.

When I see something like this whether it’s Yazidi, Christian, or Shia, it doesn’t matter what religion it is. That’s between them and God. But I have a responsibility to help those people, regardless of their beliefs.”

Brett also spoke about the importance of aid to the Christians in the region. He said: “If the Christians don’t have a land to call their own in this area, Christianity will be exterminated from this region.The biggest thing to me in the world is that people see the Assyria problem. If Christians around the world don’t come up and stand together for the rights of the Assyrian people, Christianity will cease to exist in this part of the world.”

God bless this man for his bravery, and I want him to know that even though our government isn’t supporting him, the rest of Americans do.

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