He asked her for a Bible for Christmas, so she spent three months on this BEAUTIFUL gift.

He asked her for a Bible for Christmas, so she spent three months on this BEAUTIFUL gift.


I genuinely believe that no gift can compete with the love and sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Christmas is a very sacred and special time as we stop and recognize the importance of the Lamb of God. I believe that he saved me from every type of darkness that life holds. Whether it is my own mistakes or the mistakes of others, spiritual or physical death, or the evil that tries to conquer light, Christ is there to be our light. He lights the world.

And so naturally, what better gift can we, children of God, give than His words? That is exactly what this teenager from Georgia decided. Her boyfriend asked for a bible for Christmas, and she decided to spend three months annotating and illustrating a bible that she would then gift to her boyfriend. The results were truly spectacular.

It is a scary time to be growing up. There are so many different versions of the truth out in this world. And even more terrifying, there are so many brands of happiness advertised in the world today. But I feel strongly that for this girl and others, if she holds to the word of God she will be okay. It is the perfect gift to give and the world seems to be impressed.

She posted on her Twitter a few pages from the Bible and it has gone viral. She has been retweeted nearly one hundred thousand times. And everyone has something to say about it. And while she has received some negative backlash, she has been unafraid to stand her ground.

In response to someone’s question, she let the world know that her boyfriend loved the present. After three months of hard work every single page was brought to life. That gift is more than priceless.

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