After asking if she liked Oral Sex in Chambers, Judge that Planted Crystal Meth on Woman in Revenge found GUILTY

After asking if she liked Oral Sex in Chambers, Judge that Planted Crystal Meth on Woman in Revenge found GUILTY

A former judge has been found guilty of planting crystal meth on a woman who accused him of sexually harassing her inside his chambers. Bryant Cochran, who was the magistrate of Murray County, Georgia, was convicted of six federal crimes relating to a number of court employees. These two players in this freak show just plain need mental help:

Ex Chief Magistrate Bryant Cochran Angela Garmley

The charges included illegally searching through another woman’s phone, framing a woman for arrest and asking a childhood friend to lie to investigators on his behalf.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press he shook his head as the guilty were read out and will return for sentencing on February 20.

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Virginia Rector, Cochran’s former clerk, told the jury that she feared working for the former magistrate and claimed he sexually harassed her years.

But she didn’t report the crime until after he resigned.

During a hearing on December 3, she said: ‘He had a lot of friends in the county. I would get fired and nobody would know. … It’s not right. It’s not fair.’

Sonya Petty, his secretary, said he would go through women’s cell phones when they were out of the office.

Angela Garmley visited him in his office in 2012. She asked Cochran to take out warrants against three people she said had beaten her.

She told the court that Cochran said needed a mistress and asked whether she liked oral sex. They spoke and text messaged each other for about a week. Months later, Garmley said, Cochran told her husband she had flirted with him. Joe Garmley reported the relationship to the Judicial Qualifications Commission and local media outlets in July 2012.

A month later, the Murray County Sheriff’s Office arrested Garmley on charges of possessing methamphetamine after Cochran gave officers a tip that the drug would be found in her car. The charges against Garmley were later dropped.

Cochran now faces up to 20 years in a federal prison with each charge carrying a range of sentences.


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