At What Point Do We Jail Or Execute Global Warming Deniers?

No, seriously. That was the headline at Talking Points Memothe other day, before someone went “woops, maybe we should hide our real views” and deleted the post, which I hadn’t gotten around to posting, but had sitting around under my bookmarks as a potential. Fortunately, Climate Depot has a copy of what The Insolent Braggart wrote

At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers

June 2, 2009, 9:42PM

What is so frustrating about these fools is that they are the politicians and greedy bastards who don’t want a cut in their profits who use bogus science or the lowest scientists in the gene pool who will distort data for a few bucks. The vast majority of the scientific minds in the World agree and understand it’s a very serious problem that can do an untold amount of damage to life on Earth.

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So when the right wing f***tards have caused it to be too late to fix the problem, and we start seeing the devastating consequences and we start seeing end of the World type events – how will we punish those responsible. It will be too late. So shouldn’t we start punishing them now?

You know their “science” is breaking down when one of them goes to these lengths. Did I say one of them? Climate Depot has a long list of threats by Climahysterics.

Even the Washington Examiner takes notice: Is American politics becoming a hate sport?

What do John Brown, Scott Roeder and an anonymous poster at Talking Points Memo have in common? All three believe killing those who disagree with them politically is justified.

Interestingly, anthropogenic global warming is pretty much only politics.

Meanwhile, some nutters in Russia think that climate change, meaning man made, of course, might have brought down Air France flight 447. And they are serious.

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