Where Is Michelle Obama’s Burqua?

For me, it wasn’t the President’s speech that interested me all that much. The translation of the speech is simple: Appease. What was interesting in Egypt was who wasn’t there. Where was Michelle?

Yesterday, we found out that she was firing staff members while the Eye of Sauron was drawn elsewhere. Not sweet, sweet Michelle!

Feeling churlish today. Anyway, because Michelle stayed home, guess what didn’t happen? This:


Yeah, because you know that in the context of President Obama’s “no one is better than anyone else” speech, it’d be strange and disrespectful, not to mention weak and lame looking to the impotent Muslim men, to not have his woman covered up.

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The solution? Partay like an oil lord in Paris, baby! See you there, honey! No one will notice the hypocrisy of carting my family to Western Europe, Paris, the symbol of Western civilization on that side of the pond (forget the jet fuel), while denying the super advanced Muslim civilization being graced by my glorious wife and her dashing Burquini.

No one sees the hypocrisy because the press has their collective noggins veiled in another head covering. Perhaps it will be removed in four years, but I doubt it.

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