The Long Arm Of The Law Catches Up With Hal Turner

I’ve written about Hal Turner, the violent white supremacist nutjob, before. Turner has a bad habit of encouraging violent attacks on election officials.

Here’s what he wrote last time,

After we kill them; what to do?

After the pending Second American Revolution results in killing the people who have wrecked this country — yes, you KNOW who I’m talking about — what are we going to do as a nation to move forward?

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There are lots of very very serious things to consider. What to do with the people who are presently living solely on social security? What to do with people who depend solely on medicare? What about the infirm, the retarded, the disabled?

What to do about the debts incurred by the people we got rid of? Repudiate them? That causes wars.

As you might imagine, these are serious issues not to be left to haphazard guesswork after the fact.

I want to form serious working groups; think tanks, to seriously consider these matters.

Getting rid of the scumbags who wrecked the country is the easy part. We can take them out in under an hour. The REAL hard part is what to do once we’ve gotten rid of them?

This is going to require considerable analysis and forethought. The solutions they came up with over the past 50 years have literally bankrupted the nation. We can’t go back down that road so what do we do in the immediate aftermath and then what do we do for the long term?

Your serious thoughts are urgently needed. I suspect the killing will have to begin very soon; likely within a couple months.”

After getting a pass from law enforcement, at least twice that I’m aware of, for spouting off these sort of thinly veiled threats, Turner finally got called for stepping over the line,

A New Jersey radio host was arrested Wednesday afternoon after urging his listeners to “take up arms” against two Connecticut lawmakers.

Harold Charles Turner, who goes by Hal Turner on his radio show and blog, was arrested on felony charges for writing on his blog that “Catholics in Connecticut [should] take up arms and put down this tyranny by force.”

Mr. Turner published the entry Tuesday in reaction to legislation supported by state Sen. Andrew McDonald and state Rep. Michael Lawlor, two Democrats who co-chair the Judiciary Committee in their respective chambers. Their bill proposed dictating the legal structure of Catholic churches in the state. He threatened to post the home addresses of the men as well.

Mr. Turner, who has a history of making public threats against public officials, updated his entry later that day to tell his readers he had received a phone call from police. “Looks like the tyrants are worried,” he wrote. “Good.”

He was arrested the next day. Connecticut Capitol Police Chief Michael Fallon told the Connecticut Post, “Mr. Turners comments are above and beyond the threshold of free speech.”

Creeps like Turner have a lot in common with the sort of thugs we deal with internationally. When they make threats and get away with it, they don’t wipe the sweat off their foreheads and go, “Whoo, got away with it. I’ll never do that again!” To the contrary, they’re emboldened.

Since this has become a habit for Turner, it was inevitable that he was going to keep suggesting that his listeners try to kill someone until it happened or until someone stepped in and said you can’t tell your listeners to kill people over the air. The First Amendment is our most important Constitutional right, but even it doesn’t give people the freedom to publicly advocate murder.

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