Australian MP: Crystal Meth Addict ‘Gouged Out His Own Eyes and Ate Them’

Australian MP: Crystal Meth Addict ‘Gouged Out His Own Eyes and Ate Them’

Really, after that headline, what is there to say? Looking for a good time, some guy decided to do a little crystal meth, and self-mutilation. The incident was publicized as part of an ongoing effort to confront Australia’s growing addiction to the deadly drug.


A man who was high on crystal meth gouged out his own eyes and ate them, an anti-drug conference has been told.

The unnamed man was said to have been high on the drug – known as ‘ice’ – at the time of the mutilation.

The shocking incident took place at the John Hunter Hospital, in Newcastle, Australia, according to Karen McNamara MP.

Ms McNamara described what had happened while speaking at a summit raising awareness about the harmful effects of crystal meth.

The Liberal Party MP said: ‘There is nothing at all recreational about this drug.”

Boy, that’s an understatement. Something about self-mutilation, and cannibalization, just doesn’t scream out “recreational”. And the truth is, even when meth doesn’t go horribly wrong it still doesn’t end well. (Rotting teeth, permanent damage to blood vessels in the brain, Alzheimer-type symptoms, and skin sores are just a few of the results from regular use.) It’s not as if we’re discussing the side effects to some pharmaceutical’s newest anti-depression drug… We’re talking about a drug that literally destroys the user. (That is, if the user doesn’t destroy themselves first.)

Kids, don’t gouge out your eyes. Don’t do meth.


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