AWESOME VIDEO: Watch THOR Thwart this Armed Man’s Wanna-Be Robbery

AWESOME VIDEO: Watch THOR Thwart this Armed Man’s Wanna-Be Robbery

It’s always good practice to give your guard dog an epic name. You know, just in case they save your hide and people want to publish their awesome moniker in newspapers. Case in point: Thor, the three-year-old Pit bull-Boxer mix that sprang into action when his owner was held at gunpoint.


From The Blaze:

You don’t want to mess with this dog’s owner.

When a would-be robber pulled a gun on Justin Ireland, a gas station worker in Saco, Maine, on Tuesday, it seemed like the thief had the upper hand — until Ireland’s three-year-old pit bull-Boxer mix Thor jumped into action, the Portland Press Herald reported.

As surveillance footage showed, Thor sprang for the robber’s gun, biting him and forcing the man right back out the door.

Ireland recalled the hair-raising encounter.

“Guy walked up to the door, asked if he could use my phone,” Ireland told WGME-TV. “I never let anyone in the building. So I said no, I don’t have a phone you can use.”

Ireland said the man pulled a gun out, shoved him and demanded cash.

“As soon as he pushed me, that’s when Thor jumped up at him,” Ireland said.

Local police noted that generally in an armed robbery situation, it’s best to hand over cash without a fight, but in this case things worked out.

Ireland said he’d never trained Thor to attack robbers — the dog operated on sheer instinct.

You can watch the video is below:

This is yet another reason why we call dogs “man’s best friend.” This story had a relatively happy ending, despite the circumstances. I’m glad Justin and Thor got out unscathed, but the robber might be singing a different tune.

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