AWKWARD! Bill Clinton Addresses Protester Calling Him A RAPIST [VIDEO]

AWKWARD! Bill Clinton Addresses Protester Calling Him A RAPIST [VIDEO]

Bill Clinton had a bit of a run in with some unannounced company on Wednesday when he was interrupted by at least one protester who yelled at him. What did he yell?

That he is a “rapist” of course.


InfoWars, the conspiracy website run by the deeply disturbed Alex Jones, has recently been promoting a dare to his audience to get on TV and yell “Bill Clinton is a rapist” in order to somehow sway the left to not vote for Hillary Clinton. How throwing out her husband’s alleged sexual misconduct would somehow make a difference to the audience that was there to see Clinton is beyond me. I don’t quite understand the strategy with that one. As Bill Clinton was campaigning in lieu of Hillary yesterday in Iowa, at least one man in the crowd took up the Jones challenge and interjected with a big fat ‘rapist’ accusation for all the media to hear.

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But Bill being who he is, slithers right out of that accusation with the ease of a snake:

“Give that guy a hand, they’ve had a very bad week in the Trump campaign, and he feels bad. Give him a hand! Give him a hand. The problem is if you only listen to one television station and nobody ever tells you the truth, you get like that.” An obvious mockery of the man who was now being escorted out.

Bill also continued with, “That’s what’s wrong with American politics. I don’t want you to treat them the way they treat you.”

The doctor of spin and redirection, ladies and gentlemen. He does it with so much ease, it’s no wonder the man is so ‘slick’…well that, or maybe something entirely different.

As the man was led away by security, Clinton attributed the remarks to misinformation that comes from following a single news source.

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