BAD IDEA: Two Women Injured After Breaking into an Armed Texan’s Home

BAD IDEA: Two Women Injured After Breaking into an Armed Texan’s Home

More often than not, we see stories about men burglarizing homes, but rarely do we hear about such behavior from women. Unfortunately for these two ladies, the punishment for any intruder, regardless of gender, is a swift personal defense.


From Western Journalism:

According to a recent KTRK report, law enforcement responded to the scene of a home invasion Wednesday after receiving an emergency call from the victim.

Harris County, Texas Constable Lt. Walter Stensland recalled the homeowner’s complaint that there were two females banging on his door. Nearby residents reported hearing rocks hit the window of his Atascocita home.

Before officers arrived, however, they received an update from the resident, informing them that the two intruders had made their way inside his home. He also noted that he was armed with a shotgun.

By the time first responders showed up at the scene, a 17-year-old and her alleged accomplice were found in the immediate vicinity, both suffering from serious gunshot wounds. The teen was able to run a short distance before collapsing in the road–while the other female, reportedly in her mid-20s, never made it out of the house before authorities arrived.

The vigilant homeowner was not injured in the incident. At least one of his neighbors believes he was fully justified in taking out the immediate threat to his life and property.

“You lose all of your personal rights when you decide to do something like that,” the resident asserted.

So what do you guys think? Was this an unreasonable use of force, or self-defense? Considering that neither of the victims have died from their injuries, I’d say the homeowner has a pretty solid case for self-defense.

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