Bad News For Mom of 8 Living On Government Benefits

Bad News For Mom of 8 Living On Government  Benefits


Apparently in Britain, up until now, you could get paid to be unmarried and have 8 children by 5 different men. We can’t sit around wondering why our nations are being destroyed financially if we are going to subsidize bad choices. She has never worked a job before this. But she sure has been busy, hasn’t she?

Single mother of eight Marie Buchan is now looking for her first ever job after Prime Minister David Cameron decided to cut everyone’s benefits.

The original cap was set at nearly $49,000, though it has since been reduced to just over $41,000. Buchan originally made headlines in 2013 when she complained she couldn’t live off of the original $49,000 cap. Reportedly, the mother of eight scrapes by shopping at charity stores and finding bargains on eBay.

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She also made headlines in 2014 for blowing a lot of her money on lavish Christmas presents. She has the 8 children by 5 different men.

Buchan will go to Jobcentre next week to apply for the first job she’s ever had in her life.

“I did attempt to start work in the past and had it all in place to do a 16 hour cleaning job,” Buchan said, “but the kids didn’t want to get ready in the morning, so I could leave. It is going to be so tough.”

Buchan said she works a 21 hour day looking after her children, all under the age of 13, waking up at 6 a.m. and going to sleep as late as 3 a.m. some days.

Marie Buchan should be embarrassed. She’s a leech on the system. And she’s setting a terrible example for her children. Why is government rewarding bad behavior? You don’t work, you don’t eat. It’s as simple as that. Everyone needs a helping hand at times. But a lifetime career of milking the government teat is abusive and indefensible. Yes Marie, it is going to be “so tough”. Tough to get an actual productive life.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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