BAD NEWS FOR HILLARY… Things Are About to Get Messy

BAD NEWS FOR HILLARY… Things Are About to Get Messy

It’s been about a month since Donald Trump has been seen ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls. He has trailed Clinton in every poll conducted since about July. Now, there’s been a change. Slight, but a change still the same.


From InfoWars:

Saturday’s poll marks a two-point improvement for Trump according to the LA Times poll, which on Friday showed Clinton leading my 1%.

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This marks the continuation of a trend in Trump’s favor after Clinton pulled out significant lead over the Manhattan real estate mogul. One week ago, the poll had Clinton leading by five points.

While the LA Times poll comes as welcome news to the Trump campaign, it remains to be seen whether the results are an outlier or the beginning of yet another decisive reversal.

After leading Trump by an average of 7.9 points earlier this month, Clinton’s lead has been cut down to 5.7 points according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, which showed Clinton averaging 47.0% to Trump’s 41.3%.

Honestly. I’m past stalking the polls…and at ‘CAN WE GET THIS OVER WITH ALREADY!’

Be it Hillary or Trump, just let me know, so I know how to proceed…

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