Beggar Takes To The Street With An Unexpected and Heart-Warming Sign

Beggar Takes To The Street With An Unexpected and Heart-Warming Sign

Usually when you pass a beggar on the street, their signs say something like “Will Work For Food” or “Need To Feed My Family, Anything Is Appreciated.” What you don’t expect is a sign of pure gratitude, like the one this gentleman is carrying.


From IJReview:

On a cold, damp Christmas Eve morning in Worcester, Massachusetts, one man had an important message to share with his community.

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Thomas Joseph Bennett walked up and down Park Avenue and Chandler Street with a sign meant to thank everyone who had helped him while he was struggling. A former criminal and drug abuser, Bennett is now turning his life around and wanted to celebrate Christmas with a positive message for others.

After one of the men who had helped him in the past tweeted a photo of Bennett and his sign, the resultant retweets and favorites made the man’s day. This was his goal, Bennett explained:

“Every day is Christmas. …. Some people out here are [junkies]. They’re milking people’s sorrow and sympathy. To be able to give something back, that’s everything.”

According to the report, the manager of the Pickle Barrel restaurant confirmed that Bennett had in fact been helping out at his restaurant and others for several years, earning pay for his work.

God bless this guy, because he really needs it. I’m elated beyond words that he has a job, and isn’t one of those professional beggars who actually live in a big apartment and drive fancy cars. We need more people like this.

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