Ben Carson Is Called A MORON By Atheist For Believing In God, This Is How He WON The Argument

Ben Carson Is Called A MORON By Atheist For Believing In God, This Is How He WON The Argument


In the last two years, Ben Carson has been in the spotlight. And for a good amount of that time it has been anything but positive. Initially entering the spotlight as one of many Republican Party presidential candidates, Ben Carson had fair success near the beginning of his campaign. But like most of his running mates, it was a short lived success. He soon pulled out of the race when Donald Trump rose to significant power.

As he pulled out of the race for president, he quickly joined the campaign team of Donald Trump. In that decision, he became a target for an entirely different reason. He was labeled a sell-out and a number of other things. He was targeted in skits mocking him and his political choices. Apparently being an African-American and a Republican could not possibly be legitimate.

His religious beliefs as well have proven to make him a target. But just recently a brave political commentator came out and shared his opinion on the issue:

Armstrong Williams shared:

Although I have been a so-called ‘black’ American and a social conservative all my life – and found the two aspects of my identity to be remarkably congruent – I am always surprised when confronted with some of the vitriol that I and my fellow black conservatives face when addressing the black community.

I have often wondered why it is ok for other groups to maintain a diversity of political viewpoints – whether they are Asians, Latinos, or Jewish Americans – but black Americans seem to believe that anyone who does not vote the party line is a traitor to his or her race.

Why is it that among African Americans anyone who does not support the Democrats or liberal causes is labeled a sell-out, or a ‘self-loathing’ black person?

Are we not as diverse in our thinking as other groups? We should really avoid chastising each other for thinking differently. Instead we should appreciate and celebrate our wonderfully diverse community.

We should welcome diverse perspectives as an asset, not a liability. The more we do this, the faster we will grow as a community and attain mainstream success in America.

Case in point; many were quick to chastise the pastors who opened the door for Donald Trump’s message to the black community; but where are those same people when it comes time to chastising the murderers in Chicago who are killing people?

When it comes to Donald Trump though, it seems there is a special kind of disrespect. People hate Trump so much – and by default some of his black surrogates – that the discussion gets overheated before we even get a chance to discuss the issues.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that Trump hasn’t been a magnate for controversy, whether intentionally or not, but surely we don’t all have to lose our heads just because something outrageous that might have been said by a candidate on the campaign trail.

Since when has merely having a conversation become a prohibited act? The attitude in some parts of the black community seems to be, ‘I can’t even talk to you because I can’t understand how you can support Trump.’
But for business-people and others within the black community, we look at a guy like Donald Trump and we see an opportunity. Perhaps Trump’s not a perfect guy – who is? – but surely we can have a conversation about the things we have in common.


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