Benghazi Victim’s Mom: Obama, Hilary “Killed My Kid”

The families of the four Benghazi victims are still waiting for justice. In fact, the mother of Sean Smith says she feels that Obama and Hillary “killed my kid.”


Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, one of the victims of the 2012 terrorist attacks against the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya reacted to reports from security officers who were on the ground on the night of the attacks that they were told to wait to provide aide to the besieged consulate by saying that Hillary Clinton and President Obama “killed my kid.”

When asked “how do you feel about America and the government, and what would you say to President Obama and Hillary Clinton now?” On Saturday’s broadcast of “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel. She responded “oh, don’t ask me that. I don’t like them very much. I love my country. I love my country desperately, but we’ve got some rotten people in there running it, rotten people making decisions, and I don’t like that! I love my country. I do not like the politicians and I want them out! They killed my kid and they killed the other three guys and they’re going to keep on doing it as long they as they keep them in there! They make rotten decisions.”

She also declared “I want Hillary to come up [say] it was me, I made a mistake. I blew it. I’ll never do it again.”

I hate to say it, but that apology from Hillary? Never gonna happen. Like, ever.

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