Bernie Sanders: Lack of Sex and Resenting Your Mother Can Cause Cancer

Bernie Sanders: Lack of Sex and Resenting Your Mother Can Cause Cancer

I think it’s pretty clear from that headline that Sen. Sanders is NOT, in fact, a doctor. However, his idiocy doesn’t stop at false claims of what causes cellular mutation. He also praised Castro’s Cuba when he was a “revolutionary writer” in the 1970s. And, yes, people are actually considering voting for him.

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From The Daily Mail:

Bernie Sanders, the Democrat longshot for the White House who is packing stadiums as he campaigns, once suggested a lack of sex could cause cancer.

The 73-year-old senator was a self-styled ‘revolutionary’ who occasionally wrote for a radical newspaper in the 1970s when he expressed the view.

He also wrote in praise of Fidel Castro’s Cuba, accusing the ‘American media’ of inaccuracy.

The contents of his journalism were revealed by the New York Times, and were published in The Vermont Freeman.

The now defunct newspaper was published at a time that Vermont had become a haven for people who wanted to challenge the orthodoxy – among them Sanders.

The New York Times reported that he was only a sporadic contributor to the paper, which drew its writers from left-wing circles in the state.

One of his subject was health and he wrote a number of articles – among them one which cited approvingly research published in a journal called Psychosomatic Medicine.

It suggested that cancer was linked to psychological well-being, and that factors which could cause it included unresolved hostility towards your mother, hiding aggression behind ‘a facade of pleasantness – and not enough sex.

‘Sexual adjustment seemed to be very poor in those with cancer of the cervix,’ Sanders wrote, quoting the journal.

Such findings do not form part of mainstream medical thinking. Research has suggested a link between regular sex and a lower risk of prostate cancer in men – but for physiological not psychological reasons.

Sanders’ interest in health now is a campaign promise to guarantee health care to all Americans as a right.

The now White House hopeful also wrote about Cuba. An article published in 1969 to mark the tenth anniversary of the Cuban revolution which brought Castro to power.

‘The American press and mass media have been stepping up their usual distorted and inaccurate reporting,’ wrote Sanders.

Castor never allowed any press freedom and he marked the tenth anniversary of coming to power by asking people to accept a cut in ther sugar ration and postponing the New Year 1970 holiday.

Sanders has since been outspoken in his support for an end to sanctions against Castro’s regime, which finally happened earlier this year.

The discovery of Sanders’ views comes as his popularity appears to soar among Democrats in key primary states.

It’s unbelievable that someone like this is taken seriously as a Presidential candidate. It makes me sad for the state of America’s soul.

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