Bernie Sanders Panics After THIS Video Surfaces

Bernie Sanders Panics After THIS Video Surfaces

We should always remember that despite the war between Cruz and Trump, there is a possibility that an admitted socialist could be elected President of the United States. After watching this video, I think we can all agree that HE is the real enemy.


From Young Cons:

Picking a presidential candidate is not something we as voters should take lightly, which means we need to do our homework, checking a candidate’s personal past, their record on the issues, and what their current positions are.

While this seems daunting, there’s at least one piece of criteria that automatically should disqualify any individual attempting to claim the highest office in the land.

Praising Commies.

Take a wild stab which candidate currently running did just that in 1985? I’ll give you a hint. They aren’t in the GOP…

Check out this video for the answer.

If you have any, share this with your Bernie-supporting friends and ask if this is what they support. It will be a good conversation starter for sure.

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