Bill Clinton Caught Boasting Of Hillary’s ‘Working Relationship’ With The Muslim Brotherhood

Bill Clinton Caught Boasting Of Hillary’s ‘Working Relationship’ With The Muslim Brotherhood

No sane person could argue that the Muslim Brotherhood is a good and decent organization. With that being said, why is former President Bill Clinton bragging that his wife and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a “working relationship” with the terror organization? That’s like having a “working relationship” with ISIS or Boko Haram!

With friends like these, who needs enemies?


The WikiLeaks email dump has been both enlightening and infuriating. On one hand, we now know the depths to which Hillary and her employees will sink to ensure she wins the election, and on the other hand, possessing this information is maddening because it makes every one of us think “how is this woman not in prison!?”

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In one of the emails released, Bill Clinton can be seen praising his wife for the work she put into negotiating the Iran deal, as well as developing a “working relationship” with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Finally, we live in a world, as I said, that’s full of good news and bad news. The United States cannot control it all, but we need a president who’s most likely to make as many good things happen as possible, and most likely to prevent big, bad things from happening. You can’t keep every bad thing from happening; who’s most likely to be able to get people involved in a positive way. Even the people who don’t like the Iran nuclear agreement concede it never would have happened if it hadn’t been for the sanctions. Hillary negotiated those sanctions and got China and Russia to sign off – something I thought she’d never be able to do. I confess. I’m never surprised by anything she does, but that surprised me. I didn’t think she could do it. The Chinese and the Russians to see past their short-term self-interest to their long-term interest and not sparking another nuclear arms race.

And when the Muslim Brotherhood took over in Egypt, in spite of the fact that we were (inaudible), she developed a working relationship with the then-president and went there and brokered a ceasefire to stop a full-scale shooting war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, which on top of what was going on in Syria and the (inaudible) Jordan would have been a calamity for the world.

This is something he’s proud of? This is something that he wants to brag about? Knowing the pain they have caused, he is willing to tell people that she has a relationship with them? Do the Clintons have no decency at all?

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