Black Betty & the Psychedelic Pope – Intellectual Froglegs

Black Betty & the Psychedelic Pope – Intellectual Froglegs


Aside from the typical lunacy from the left, we have more awesome gun statistics that totally decimate the gun control talking points…  Where do criminals get the vast majority of guns that they use in crimes?  Well, they surveyed actual prison inmates…and they don’t shop at gun shows.

If nothing else, Rachel, the lying white chick that pretended to be black, exposed the left to be even more insane than I thought…even by MSNBC standards. One of their talking heads actually suggested that she is a new kind of black….what?  And that the fact that she’s “black in her mind” may actually make her blacker than Clarence Thomas…who actually IS black.

Obama continues to embarrass.

10379959_702248153237952_5593455306370395376_oWith the greatest of respect to my Catholic friends… the new Pope is a moonbat. It would appear he’s exchanged Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible for Al Gore and a Green Peace Manual.

Be vigilant—stay on alert for a possible ‘tourist attack’shatmoose

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