Black Lives Matter Idiots FIRE SHOTS at Trump Rally

Black Lives Matter Idiots FIRE SHOTS at Trump Rally

When someone has something important to them, that they feel they need to take a stand for, I can respect that, regardless of what side I stand on. BUT…when they act a fool, and use it as an excuse to act stupid…there is no respecting that.

Ladies and gentleman…I give you exhibit A:


File this one under “What the heck was the point here?


In response to Trump canceling his Friday night rally in Chicago, one fine upstanding citizen celebrated as only one can in the Windy City: by firing an Uzi into the air. “Jaamal Williams” tweeted his video along with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

He appeared to be a highly valuable member of Chicago society.


The following video was sent to us via our 2nd Amendment Facebook page that broke down the video shown in the screenshot above:

In this video narrated by Mark Dice, you can clearly see a UIC Trump rally protester shooting a MAC 10 semi-automatic “assault weapon” (Uzi) into the air in Chicago to celebrate the event being canceled.
…or so it seemed.

As I was writing up this story and grabbing screenshots from Twitter like the ones posted above, “Jamaal” turned into “Rob”:


…and Rob turned out to be a huge imbecile.


So what’s the point of putting obviously inflammatory, racist and ignorant information out there about inner city Chicago? Chiraq doesn’t have enough senseless crime, now we’ve got people creating more on social media?


So this is who we’re up against. What’s the point? How do you beat a party of lies and deceit?

We keep speaking the truth. Firmly and respectfully.

Chicago doesn’t need any help with tarnishing their record, they’re doing that on their own. And the more we call out democrats for their ignorant irresponsible propaganda, the faster they will be seen for what they really are.

Shallow, empty caverns – shills for the progressive party.

Delightful, aren’t they?


Mark Dice reached out to confirm: the Jamaal video was real!


The entire world’s IQ is lowered because of this idiot… and every time he opens his mouth, it drops another 10 points. Get cancer? He better hope Karma does not come after him for that one… I’m just saying.

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