Black Lives Matter THUGS Torch Supermarket…. Receives INSTANT Justice!

Black Lives Matter THUGS Torch Supermarket…. Receives INSTANT Justice!

Black Lives Matter activists have a “Thing” for looting, destroying property of others’, rudely interrupting events that they aren’t invited to, promoting “cop killing” and…well I’ll stop there because NOTHING tops that last one. THIS Black Lives Matter THUG…took part in a few of the above mentioned law-breaking actions, and JUSTICE has now come to claim Her RETRIBUTION!


A Black Lives Matter protest figure who torched a convenience store in a nearby town during unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, was sentenced to at least eight years in prison last week after he pleaded guilty to the attack.

Joshua Williams, 19, burned down the QuikTrip store in Berkeley, Missouri, on Dec. 24, 2014, during protests following the death of Antonio Martin, an African-American teen shot after pointing a gun at an officer.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Williams had taken items from the store and then set a fire using lighter fluid outside. He pleaded guilty to arson and burglary charges.

Making the incident more embarrassing for the Black Lives Matter movement was the fact that Williams was one of its most vocal and visible members, especially in the protests around Ferguson after the death of Michael Brown.

MSNBC had run a profile piece on him and C-SPAN had aired one of his speeches. He had been photographed marching arm-in-arm with well-known African-American academic Cornel West to a sit-in at St. Louis University. Less than a month before his arrest, he made news by menacingly confronting St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson during a Ferguson Commission meeting.

During that confrontation, Williams yelled, “Can someone please get this lying (expletive) ho off the mic!” according to the Post-Dispatch.

During the sentencing, protesters chanted, “Justice for Josh Williams, justice for all of us.”

While the case was one of the highest profile incidents involving the Black Lives Matter movement, little was made of it in the mainstream media. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch article only devoted about one and a half paragraphs to his prior celebrity status within the movement, with no mention of his “lying (expletive) ho” remarks.

I am curious to see if he will learn the error of his ways during lockup…or if his blind hatred will only deepen.

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