BLACK MOB LAUGHS ON VIDEO As Kroger Store Employee is Beaten Unconscious in Parking Lot (VIDEO)

BLACK MOB LAUGHS ON VIDEO As Kroger Store Employee is Beaten Unconscious in Parking Lot (VIDEO)

Imagine your teenage son working at the local grocery store getting chased by a mob of black people after he tried to save a man in the parking lot from getting beaten. Then imagine one of them chuckling gleefully “Oooo hold on, they got a white dude, heh heh let me get out the way ho ho ho” as she video tapes her buddies beating your white son unconscious just a couple feet away. To my black friends who say “It’s just the culture, you don’t understand the culture and mentality” and to my white friends who say, “This isn’t about color”; PLEASE TELL ME what the HELL this is about and where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? In this violent video you will witness black men throwing pumpkins at the ‘white boy’ (as he was called) after he fell to the ground then they kicked him in the head until he stopped moving. No one attempted to stop the beating.



Kroger released a statement after the brutal assault.
Action 5 reported:

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Kroger customers are afraid and outraged by a recent brutal beating that took place. Particularly, because it was unprovoked and could have happened to anyone. WMC Action News 5 pulled up the video on a cell phone and went to the spot where the assaults happened. As you might imagine, shoppers who watched the video were outraged. Some couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“That’s a shame there is no excuse for any of that,” said James Murf.

The grocery store is practically brand new, built just last year. How two store employees and a customer could get beat up there has many baffled.

“I don’t know what the world is coming to when people just attack some random person,” said Barbara Michael.

A witness says he was standing there watching the fight as it happened. He declined to go on camera but told WMC he thought the hitting and kicking started after a Kroger employee exchanged words with a young man in the parking lot, over a shopping basket. Shoppers WMC spoke with say no matter what the disagreement was about it, should not have ended with people in the parking lot being attacked, and that the suspects in this beat down need to be caught and punished.

“I just think as a community we need to be praying it ain’t a black and white thing we just need to be praying. It ain’t a black and white thing we just need to be praying for humanity as a whole when you look at the violence that is going on overseas it ain’t just here its everywhere so we need to be praying,” added one shopper.

I am deeply disturbed because in my mind I’m asking myself… “they called him ‘white boy’, does this mean that he doesn’t deserve to be saved because he is white?” I don’t know.

The funny thing is when 1 black thug beating a cop gets shot and killed it’s called “racism”. When mobs of black men loot stores or beat defenseless white teenagers unconscious in a parking lot it’s called “community”. Race baiters like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama and Eric Holder who go around saying it’s about color, color, color need to be brought out in front of the nation and ask the Black Community to hold their own people accountable for the spread of racist animosity and creating this division in the nation.

I do not see white mobs destroying communities or ganging up on innocent bystanders of any color. Here’s a fact:  According to the National Crime and Victimization Survey (Bureau of Justice Statistics), White people committing crimes against black people — 62,000 and on the other side Black people committing crimes against white people — 320,000; there are about 38 million black people (13% of the population) and 197 million white people in the United States making those numbers even more outrageous. And YET white people aren’t coming out and calling “racism” and rioting their towns. Why is that?

The black community is suffering a serious disease. They are not only destroying and murdering each other but they are accepting violence toward white people in a sickeningly gleeful way as some sort of RIGHT black people have to be barbarous because of slavery which they never experienced. The woman filming this incident could have at any time; put her cellphone down and called 911, intervened with the guys beating up the boy, or ran for help… instead she sat back laughing and watched the show, the only thing missing was an extra large bucket of buttery popcorn.

I’m disturbed that in this whole crowd there was not a spec of humanity or morality telling ANY individual that ‘THIS is just flat out wrong’.

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