Blame America?…[email protected] Right…!

Blame America?…[email protected] Right…!: There is nothing that frosts a liberal more than questioning his Patriotism or accusing him of “unamerican.” However, whenever you see someone verbally attacking America in general or patriotic people in particular, it’s almost a given that they’ll be left-wingers and that they’ll be backed up by other lefties. While the majority of Democrats and liberals are just as patriotic as anyone, there is a significant, vocal, unpatriotic, anti-American part of the Democratic base. These aren’t fringe loonies either — they’re an accepted part of the Democratic “mainstream.” If you want to know the type of people I’m talking about, look at some of the following quotes from a thread at the Democratic Underground called, “Blame America?…[email protected] Right…!“. While not everybody in the thread agreed, as you’ll see, there are plenty of Democrats out there who hate their own country and aren’t shy about letting people know. Don’t believe me? Well after you read the latest anti-American episode of ACPOTI (anyone can post on the internet), you’ll know better…

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