Get Off Of Hootie’s Back

Get Off Of Hootie’s Back: I’m so sick of this lame non-controversy over whether Augusta National Golf Club should admit a female member. So what if Martha Burk and the rest of the feminist nags in NOW think Augusta should admit a female member? Does anyone other than the media care what NOW thinks about anything?

Despite what seems to be almost total non-interest in this issue amongst the general public, Tiger Woods has been incessantly pressured to get behind the NOW nags on this issue. Since Tiger declined, the media has moved on to new targets. Now they’re bothering Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Neither of them has anything to say about Augusta’s membership policies either.

Despite all of the whining from the media and the NOW witches, Augusta club chairman William “Hootie” Johnson has refused to allow a female member into the club. I applaud him for that. Not because I care one way or the other whether Augusta adds a female member, but because I admire Johnson for standing up for what he thinks is right despite the media pressure.

Moreover, Johnson is right, we have plenty of other single sex organizations in this country. Hey, Hooters only hires female waitresses right? Just a few miles from where I live here in Charlotte, NC there are female only gyms. We even have single sex public schools in this county. So what is supposed to be wrong with having a private golf club that only has male members if that’s what they want to do? I’ll answer my own question — there’s nothing wrong with it and the media and NOW gang should get off of Hootie’s back.

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