BLISS Version 2 — We’re Not Pedophiles, We Swear!

BLISS Version 2 — We’re Not Pedophiles, We Swear!: The sickos from BLISS claim RWN has them all wrong. They say they’re strongly against pedophiles and how dare we accuse them of it? I am going to post some things that people from BLISS have posted in RWN’s comments and on their forums about yesterday’s ACPOTI (Anyone Can Post On The Internet) article followed by quotes from their website. I think you’ll quickly get the point and this might be something you’d want to pass along to their host, Webair. This material violates Webair’s Acceptable Use Policy which specifically prohibits “Displaying material that exploits children under 18 years of age.”… (PS: I can’t tell you how creepy and revolting it was to go back through this trash just to try to get these swine shut down. I feel like I just crawled through a pile of rotting corpses….)

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