Ok Smart Guys — What’s YOUR Solution?

Ok Smart Guys — What’s YOUR Solution?: If you want to shut up an entire room full of anti-war left-wingers, just ask them what to do about the global terrorist network, or more specifically, Iraq. Actually, this SHOULD shut them up. But instead you’ll be treated to long, nonsensical diatribes about how this is about oil, imperialism, hegemony, why we should give more aid to the poor, the Kyoto treaty, ‘Noam Chomsky says’, Florida in the 2000 Presidential election, the ‘cycle of violence’, Israel, how brave they are for being against the war, dissent is patriotism, civilian casualties, how America is cowardly for bombing instead of using the army and fighting face to face, etc, etc, etc. They’ll talk about anything except how to deal with terrorists who consider skyscrapers, pizza parlors, and nightclubs to be legitimate targets. (Cont)

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