Is BLM ‘Built On Lies’? The FACTS Gathered Point To A DEFINITE YES…

Is BLM ‘Built On Lies’? The FACTS Gathered Point To A DEFINITE YES…

All of these quotes were taken from a WaPo study done on the multiple claims of Black Lives Matter. If their is one thing you can count on to take to the bank, it’s this –

Don’t believe the hype. Because that is EXACTLY what it is…

NYC action in solidarity with Ferguson. Mo, encouraging a boycott of Black Friday Consumerism.

NYC action in solidarity with Ferguson. Mo, encouraging a boycott of Black Friday Consumerism.

– Black men are being systematically executed by cops around the country! (False)

“Fatal police shootings make up a much larger proportion of white and Hispanic homicide deaths than black homicide deaths. According to the Post database, in 2015 officers killed 662 whites and Hispanics, and 258 blacks. (The overwhelming majority of all those police-shooting victims were attacking the officer, often with a gun.) Using the 2014 homicide numbers as an approximation of 2015’s, those 662 white and Hispanic victims of police shootings would make up 12% of all white and Hispanic homicide deaths. That is three times the proportion of black deaths that result from police shootings.”

– The cops are the hunters and black men are the prey… (False, again)

“Police officers—of all races—are also disproportionately endangered by black assailants. Over the past decade, according to FBI data, 40% of cop killers have been black. Officers are killed by blacks at a rate 2.5 times higher than the rate at which blacks are killed by police.”

– Black Lives Matter When It Comes To Cops…But Not Black-On-Black Killings…(Yet another big, fat, False)

“Some may find evidence of police bias in the fact that blacks make up 26% of the police-shooting victims, compared with their 13% representation in the national population. But as residents of poor black neighborhoods know too well, violent crimes are disproportionately committed by blacks. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, blacks were charged with 62% of all robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults in the 75 largest U.S. counties in 2009, though they made up roughly 15% of the population there.”

– White cops are the real threat to black lives. (False, False, False, and FALSE!)

“The Black Lives Matter movement claims that white officers are especially prone to shooting innocent blacks due to racial bias, but this too is a myth. A March 2015 Justice Department report on the Philadelphia Police Department found that black and Hispanic officers were much more likely than white officers to shoot blacks based on “threat misperception”—that is, the mistaken belief that a civilian is armed.”

– White cops are the trigger happy killers! (And the winner, IS??……FALSE! Thanks for playing!)

“A 2015 study by University of Pennsylvania criminologist Greg Ridgeway, formerly acting director of the National Institute of Justice, found that, at a crime scene where gunfire is involved, black officers in the New York City Police Department were 3.3 times more likely to discharge their weapons than other officers at the scene.”

You only possible way to argue with these facts is to be legitimately mentally unstable. The media has painted over police around the country with a broad racist-killer brush and ran with it, and because it sounds good to blacks, and to them justifies their emotions, they in turn run with it.

Try sharing these stats with a BLM protester…you will not penetrate them. This fake cop war on blacks has snowballed too long. Reason and facts do not exist in this movement…

Raw emotion and victim-hood are at the helm.

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