BLOCKED OFF! ISIS Dealt CRIPPLING Blow As They Lose MAJOR Supply Lines!

BLOCKED OFF! ISIS Dealt CRIPPLING Blow As They Lose MAJOR Supply Lines!

The Turkey-Syria border is seeing a lot less black flags these days as the Turkey – Syrian forces have pushed ISIS back, and if that wasn’t enough sand in the old terrorist beard, authorities have also confiscated an armament of weapons in an Iraqi warehouse.


The border between Syria and Turkey has been cleared of ISIS, which gives a dominating strategic advantage to the two nations.

The advancement has done so much damage, that the caliphate has virtually been sealed off from the outside word, and thus aid, as well as key supply lines that were used to bring in weapons, gear, and fresh new fighters.

One media sources has reported that the bold move ‘has removed terror organisation Daesh’s physical contact with the Turkish border in northern Syria’.

Daesh is what ISIS is referred to in Arabic.

Turkey’s military have launched two attacks into Syria since August 24 attempting to stop the terrorist group from obtaining further ground, but also pushing to keep the Kurdish forces from also gaining an upper hand. The Kurd’s are allies of the US, but are definitely not on good terms with Turkey. The Kurd’s have been fighting ISIS in the Middle East for years, and have made gains consistency. The problem they face is equipment and gear. Mich of it is left over from decades ago. But still they manage to push on even with Turkey’s aggression.


The advance by Turkey was executed and dubbed operation Euphrates Shield on August 24, stating it was targeting both IS but also Syrian Kurdish forces in attempt to keep both away. The Kurdish YPG forces have been responsible for much of the success in other parts, pushing ISIS out of towns and territory.

Much of the Middle Eastern media, including Turkey believe the Kurdish YPG to be just another terrorist group, pushing to gain land for itself, as the Kurd’s have yet to have their own sovereign nation. Outlook for that?

They have a bright future if they keep up the success.

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