BOMBSHELL Photo of Hillary Emerges – This Could Ruin Everything [VIEW]

BOMBSHELL Photo of Hillary Emerges – This Could Ruin Everything [VIEW]

Ed Henry, the Fox News Channel White House correspondent has once again, caused a storm of controversy– when he made THIS Twitter post to his page…

Hillary Clinton

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The photo is of Hillary Clinton walking with her staff supposedly during one of the commercial breaks from Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential candidate debates hosted by Univision.

Henry added the caption which reads, “Sanders aide Jeff Weaver told me photo circulating of @HillaryClinton w/staff during debate break violates DNC rules.” The implication, according to the Sanders aide, is that Clinton cheated by meeting with her staff during the break.

Henry reportedly got a reply from the Clinton campaign via staffer Jen Palmieri. Henry tweeted, “Candidates are not supposed to confer w staff during commercial breaks — Clinton aide Jen Palmieri told me she wasn’t aware of pic.”

Rule breaking isn’t limited to the Democrats either. As The Hill reported, Donald Trump was also accused of breaking debate rules. Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, hopped on stage when the debate went to commercial break. And when asked to leave, he reportedly refused, which prompted debate organizers to allow the other candidates time to confer with their staff as well.

David Waters responded to Henry’s tweet. Waters tweeted, “Trump did the same last week at Fox debate. Two of kind who think they are above the rules.”

Another tweeted, “Clinton thinks she’s above rules & the law. if she can’t follow simple debate parameters, think about how she will run things for US.”

Among many references to Clinton’s private email server scandal was this tweet from Rikkie Wells who tweeted, “U see @edhenry, @HillaryClinton & staff never, ever pay attention to nor respect rules. They break them CONSTANTLY & nothing is ever done.”

Hillary has always been and will always be a cheat. Keep her out of the White House.

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