BOMBSHELL: See How Hillary’s Emailgate Scandal Could Snare John Kerry

BOMBSHELL: See How Hillary’s Emailgate Scandal Could Snare John Kerry

Personally, I don’t think this could have happened to two nicer people.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Emailgate has been well covered in the media.  However, could the current Secretary of State get caught up in it too?


Among the many questions being asked by an increasing number of media outlets is: Did Mrs. Clinton sign the required separation document when she left her post at State? As National Review observes: “The form, OF-109, is critical to understanding whether Clinton violated the law by maintaining her own private e-mail account and server to conduct official business as Secretary.”

A big reason for the department’s reluctance, or refusal, to answer could be that Hillary Clinton would find herself in a load of legal trouble either way — facing possible charges that she stole government documents or committed perjury.

Plus, John Kerry could be snared by the controversy if he failed to make sure Mrs. Clinton complied with requirements that she make all her official records available to the government on a secure and timely basis when she left office.

Megyn Kelly from Fox News is the only one asking questions right now.  Judge Napolitano joined her on a recent report and said that Clinton’s legal problems could very well becoming Kerry’s legal problems as well.

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