BOOM: Eric Trump UNLEASHES on Hillary – Drops Truth Bomb [VIDEO]

BOOM: Eric Trump UNLEASHES on Hillary – Drops Truth Bomb [VIDEO]

Donald Trump’s son, Eric, had a few words for Hillary Clinton. A few harsh words he wanted to get across to her and boy did the truth cut where it landed…


From Gateway Pundit:

“She has 730 people working on her campaign staff. We have 70. She’s spent $180 million on her campaign so far and she hasn’t beat a single socialist.

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My father has knocked off 17 other people and he’s spent fifty. I mean that’s the difference between a businessman and a politician.”

Eric joined FOX and Friends Monday morning:

Whether you are a Trump supporter or not, these facts cannot make the message any clearer… Trump cuts out the crap and gets down to business. There is an awful lot of crap floating around in government now and it needs to be destroyed, rebuilt and reorganized. What Eric stated are facts, they are truth. The good thing about the truth is, it is still truth, even when no one believes it. Hate or love Trump, he’s cleaning house.

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