BOOM! Lowlife Jesse Ventura Gets Some VERY Bad News

BOOM! Lowlife Jesse Ventura Gets Some VERY Bad News

Jesse Ventura is sure a class act. In case you were unaware, the brash former Governor has a ‘defamation’ lawsuit against Chris Kyle of ‘American Sniper’ fame. Excuse me, but I thought this was America and we had first amendment rights- and looks like even the courts are agreeing:

It has begun to look increasingly likely that the $1.8 million defamation lawsuit won by all-around scumbag Jesse Ventura against the estate of the late “American Sniper” Chris Kyle will be overturned on appeal, or at least ordered to a new trial, according to Fox News.

The former actor, wrestler, Navy veteran and Minnesota governor claimed that Kyle had lied and defamed him in telling a story about knocking Ventura out in a bar in order to promote his book.

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Kyle’s widow Taya had appealed the ruling that her husband had defamed Ventura, and now it seems likely that her appeal will prove successful, based largely on the statements of Ventura’s own attorneys.

During closing arguments for the defamation trial, one of Ventura’s attorneys had told jurors that the $1.8 million award would be paid for out of an insurance policy held by the publisher of Kyle’s book, Harper Collins, and not the estate of the celebrated sniper.

Such a statement is virtually unprecedented, as it clearly sways the jury by giving them an “out” where they can award a settlement to a plaintiff without worrying about the effect it may have on the defendant.

The judge hearing the appeal agreed that the statement was out of line, and has ordered Ventura’s attorney to find some sort of legal precedent where such a statement would be allowed

In case you thought that Ventura couldn’t get more low-brow, there you have it. Pretty much the biggest jerk on the planet.

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