BOOM! Putin Comes Clean On The U.S. Election – Hillary Is Not Going To Be Happy

BOOM! Putin Comes Clean On The U.S. Election – Hillary Is Not Going To Be Happy

The left has spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to come up with proof that Russia was responsible for the election of Donald Trump, but they’ve failed to do so. Not surprising really; in their desperation to over-turn the results of our electoral process, they’ve forgotten one crucial detail: they need facts.

It would appear that Vladmir Putin is tired of all of the baseless accusations being thrown his way and decided to tell American Democrats exactly what he thinks about their whining.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures as he speaks during a meeting with journalists after a live broadcast nationwide call-in in Moscow

Putin is claiming that he had absolutely nothing to do with our election and has a strong message for Democrats who are complaining about Trump.

“They are losing on all fronts and looking elsewhere for things to blame,” he said during his annual end-of-year press conference Friday. “In my view this, how shall I say it, degrades their own dignity. You need to learn how to lose gracefully.”

“The Democratic Party lost not only the presidential elections, but elections in the Senate and Congress,” he said. “Did we do that, too?

Putin accused Democrats of “shamelessly” abusing their status as the ruling party to try to influence public opinion.

“(We are talking about) a party which has clearly forgotten the original meaning of its own name,” he said. “Outstanding figures in American history from the ranks of the Democratic Party would likely be turning in their graves. Roosevelt certainly would be.”

Democrats are being awfully hypocritical about this election, considering in 2008 and 2012 they told us that we needed to get over Obama’s election. They also blasted Trump when he said that he wouldn’t automatically accept the election results if he didn’t win.

It’s okay to lose, but it’s not okay to lie in an attempt to steal the election from the rightful winner.

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