BOOM: Watch Trump DESTROY Kasich on Illegal Immigration in Just Seconds

BOOM: Watch Trump DESTROY Kasich on Illegal Immigration in Just Seconds

Donald Trump is constantly targeted by media, leftists, AND those on the right that somehow ALSO find ways to hate him. That anyone could handle it with such grace (Trump style grace), would be very surprising…I mean, like him or hate him…it can not be questioned that Trump definitely knows how to produce results under pressure, and use negative strikes against him as positive opportunities…it’s really magic. No wonder why this last debate…he basically just opened a can of WHOOP and left Kasich wondering…. WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!


Donald Trump finally got to speak thirty minutes into the debate, and boy did he drop a bombshell when he did!
Moments ago, Trump restated his plan to throw ALL the illegal immigrants out of this country.

John Kasich then meekly tried to shoot this idea down, saying that it’s impossible to expel 11 million illegals.

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“I don’t have to hear from this man,” Trump finally said, shutting the Ohio Governor down once and for all.

That’s EXACTLY the kind of attitude that we love to see out of The Donald. This is the kind of leader we need.

TRUMP does not make time for what he deems as nonsense, not even during a debate….and it seems that his one line hitters are meant to shut down anything he does not have the time to bother with, in this case, John Kasich. This is what Trump supporters like …. no nonsense.

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