Boston Imam Compared ISIS to Ebola, Apologizes to ISIS for “Demonizing Them”

Boston Imam Compared ISIS to Ebola, Apologizes to ISIS for “Demonizing Them”

Personally, I think he should be apologizing to Ebola:

Apparently, some Western Muslim leaders are warming up to the Islamic State.

Suhaib Webb is a convert to Islam and the imam at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.

Webb had been mocking ISIS, but he recently had a change of heart. Here’s what he wrote:

ECI—“Accountability is a lighthouse when the fog of life sets in.”

These days are hard. From Gaza, Ferguson and ISIS, it is difficult to have insight into where the world is today. That question is important. But of more importance is asking where it is now. After all, the answer to that question, is the answer to the first one. However, there are times when the fog of the future blinds us from seeing the demands of today.

I woke up the other day and decided to skim through my body of work over the last few years. Boy was I surprised at some of my posts and talks – the tone and the demonization of others – I compared ISIS to Ebola.

While I don’t agree with ISIS, al-Qāida, certain progressives and others, I‘ve decided to apologize to anyone that I have spoken ill towards or demonized. I ask Allah to forgive me and to guide me to observe better character in the future. I asked myself, “Suhaib did you forget the 49th chapter of the Qur’an, Surah al-Hujurāt?”

The fact he compares Ferguson with ISIS and Gaza shows he’s an idiot.

Now, ISIS and Ebola…well, they both kill and no one likes them too close to their neighborhood.

So, yeah. That’s fair.

Duane Lester

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