Trump Pulls Man on Stage… What Happens Next? OMG!

Trump Pulls Man on Stage… What Happens Next? OMG!

It is republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who has boasted all about his popularity among many groups of voters, among them, the country’s evangelicals. It’s been a curious thing to many, wondering how he’s managed to secure even the votes of evangelicals at the level he has… Here’s a pastor who is going to explain why HE is going to vote for Trump!


Critics have wondered how the boisterous billionaire businessman appealed to this particular group, but one popular, outspoken evangelical recently explained why he’s supporting Trump for the GOP nomination.

Robert Jeffress, a pastor, author, and radio and television host, recently joined Trump on stage at a political rally to express his support for the billionaire businessman to a crowd of Texas voters.

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At a rally in Fort Worth, the Dallas First Baptist Church pastor called on fellow evangelicals to show up and cast their vote for Trump.

“Let me just say briefly I know three things about Donald Trump,” Jeffress started. “No. 1: He sincerely loves this country. He has 10 billion reasons he doesn’t have to do this. But he sincerely wants to make America great again!”

“No. 2: He is pro-life. I have talked with him in Trump Towers. He wants to protect the unborn,” he continued. “I tell you what, some of you who say, ‘Well I don’t know.’ His pro-life conversion was real.

“Let me tell you something,” he added. “Hillary Clinton doesn’t claim any pro-life conversion. If you go for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders there is no doubt you are going to have the most pro-abortion president in history.”

Jeffress then made his final appeal to the Christian voters in the crowd.

“Here is what I finally know about Donald Trump. Donald Trump cares about and loves evangelical Christians,” he said.

“I have met with Mr. Trump on several occasions and I can tell you from personal experience that if Donald Trump is elected president of the United States we who are evangelical Christians are going to have a TRUE FRIEND in the White House,” he explained. “God Bless Donald Trump.”

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