BREAKING: BAD News for Hillary Clinton – Is This the End?

BREAKING: BAD News for Hillary Clinton – Is This the End?

Never thought I would actually be cheering on a socialist, but honestly, Hillary Clinton deserves to be put in her place and I don’t care who does it.

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From The Daily Mail:

Bernie Sanders is nearly tied with Hillary Clinton in national polling.

Sanders trails her by two in a new NBC/Wall Street Journal survey at 48 percent to her 50 percent.

The poll had a large margin of error of 5.3 percent, which means Sanders’ support could be even higher and he could be beating Clinton. Its findings are supported by other surveys taken this month, however.

Poll-tracking website Real Clear Politics has Clinton up an average of 1.4 percent over Sanders now.

It’s a dramatic shift in sentiment since the end of March, when she regularly led him by double digits.

But Sanders has won the last eight out of nine contests and Democratic voters across the nation now see him as a viable alternative to Clinton.

He’s chopped down her lead among women to 15 points from 24 a month ago and has chipped away at her popularity with voters over the age of 50, gaining six points during the same time period.

Sanders has also boosted his standing among minority voters be seven points, bringing him up to 41 percent and her down to 59 percent from 63 percent last month.

It’s good news for the U.S. senator – but it may have come too late in the race. He’s down 250 pledged delegates to her and poised to fall even further behind after New York votes tomorrow.

She’s beating him by anywhere from 10 to 18 percent in the Empire State.

Sanders contended this morning during a Today show appearance that polls had ‘underestimated’ his support in the past and could be doing the same thing now.

‘The bottom line is, let’s look at the real poll tomorrow,’ he told Today’s Matt Lauer.

His campaign appears to be bracing for a loss, though, and has no public events in the state on Election Day.


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