BREAKING: Gohmert Calls For Investigation On McAuliffe: For ‘Facilitating’ Charlottesville Violence

BREAKING: Gohmert Calls For Investigation On McAuliffe: For ‘Facilitating’ Charlottesville Violence

American’s are shocked by the bizarre explosion of the random ‘white supremacy’ movement that popped up a couple weeks ago. I say ‘popped up’ because it appeared to be like a well-coordinated event of extremes to fire this false narrative that Americans, especially ‘white’ ones are racist. Rep. Louie Gohmert appeared on Fox News this weekend demanding that the Department of Justice investigate Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) and Charlottesville, VA Mayor Michael Signer for possibly facilitating the violence that took place in Charlottesville earlier this month. Do you think this is possible?

Gohmert told the hosts on the show that “The way forward’s not gonna be easy. And I think the Justice Department needs a full investigation of the governor, of the mayor. They said in court there would be violence at Charlottesville, and then the witnesses and the photographs show they herded these groups to create violence so they could brag. We need a Justice Department investigation into Kessler. You don’t just go all of a sudden from having multiracial roommates and a Jewish girlfriend to all of a sudden being a white supremacist that wants to join the Republican party. There’s something very, very wrong in all of this. Like they were the violence at Trump events, they may have been behind this violence getting started. They facilitated it, anyway.”

It’s refreshing to hear one of our Representatives in DC actually representing America. While I haven’t heard much of this type of skepticism on the news, I have read many of my friends opinions that this smells like a setup. My gut agrees, especially as we learn more and more about the leader of the actual event in Charlottesville. American history teaches us that the KKK was established by Democrats, that the politicians fighting against Civil Rights in the 60’s were Democrats, that Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter groups were started and led by Democrats. THIS is just another movement the left wants to start to create chaos so they can try to control the masses. Another group they’ve created based on hate.

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