BREAKING: Hacker Leaks DAMNING Information About Clinton Foundation – THIS IS IT

BREAKING: Hacker Leaks DAMNING Information About Clinton Foundation – THIS IS IT

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundations has been breached. By who? According to three people close to the matter, it is by suspected Russian hackers. They have hack attacked the foundation itself and the Democratic Party, including Clinton’s presidential campaign. How ironic right? How easily her digital security is breached during the same time she is involved in a FBI investigation regarding her lack of respect to secure confidential materials over her personal server. Fitting.


Clinton Foundation officials said the organization hadn’t been notified of the breach and declined to comment further. The compromise of the foundation’s computers was first identified by government investigators as recently as last week, the people familiar with the matter said. Agents monitor servers used by hackers to communicate with their targets, giving them a back channel view of attacks, often even before the victims detect them.

Before the Democratic National Committee disclosed a major computer breach last week, U.S. officials informed both political parties and the presidential campaigns of Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders that sophisticated hackers were attempting to penetrate their computers, according to a person familiar with the government investigation into the attacks.

The hackers in fact sought data from at least 4,000 individuals associated with U.S. politics — party aides, advisers, lawyers and foundations — for about seven months through mid-May, according to another person familiar with the investigations.

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I don’t know how she does it. It has to be absolutely exhausting to be Hillary Clinton. Shady, dishonest, snake of woman, has to work harder to be her dishonest self than she would if she would just be real, not Satan. Well, whether it is sooner or later, karma ALWAYS shows up to collect. It seems, Hillary’s karma bill has a due date of SOONER than later.

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