BREAKING: Hillary’s Diabolical Plans For America’s Blue Lives EXPOSED By Insider…

BREAKING: Hillary’s Diabolical Plans For America’s Blue Lives EXPOSED By Insider…

The more I hear about Hillary Clinton, the more I’m convinced that she is actually evil. Not like Cruella Deville stealing puppies evil, more like Lord Voldemort, wants to take over the world and killing everyone who doesn’t conform to his standards evil.


If Hillary becomes President, the United States of America would absolutely shift from a Constitutional Republic to an unadulterated dictatorship. With the help of George Soros, America will no longer be the Land of the Free, it will be the Land of those who donate enough to the Clinton Foundation to maintain a moderate amount of freedom.

How did I come to that, perhaps dramatic conclusion, you ask?

Let’s start with Hillary Clinton’s plan to exploit police shootings in our country.

According to a document released after the WikiLeaks hacks, George Soros appears to plan to use a Hillary Clinton Presidency to “reform local police forces,” including new federal guidelines for local forces.

The federal government is seeking philanthropic support for a number of its initiatives. In addition to seeking support to advance the implementation of the recommendations of the Presidential Taskforce, the White House recently launched the Policing Data Initiative to explore how best to use data and technology to build trust, voice, and solutions to improve community policing. The Department of Justice recently selected the first six cities to host pilot sites for the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, which was launched last fall to help repair and strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve by exploring strategies intended to enhance procedural justice, reduce implicit bias, and support racial reconciliation.

It goes on to talk about the need to reduce incarceration of “men and boys of color” and says that the police have to play a large role in that.

Reading this whole memo is like reading something that would have come out of the world depicted in 1984. George Soros, a man who is dedicated to creating a one world government and is using Progressive politicians in America to do it, is effectively pulling the strings and we are doing nothing about it because even the idea would get you mocked as a conspiracy theorist.

Visit Breitbart here for a copy of the full memo. Read it and educate yourself on Progressive-ism and how Soros is using our leaders as puppets in his game. We cannot allow this EVIL old man to get Hillary elected and have her implement more horrid, anti-cop laws.

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