BREAKING: Missing Hillary Emails Just LEAKED

BREAKING: Missing Hillary Emails Just LEAKED

Well, more emails from the ‘unreleased’ portion of Hillary’s scandalous emails have been leaked. Exactly 44 of them are out there for all to read…and they show her interacting with political and Clinton Foundation donors, lobbyists and business interests…

WHILE she was secretary of state

But, there’s more.


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From the AP:

The conservative legal group Judicial Watch obtained the emails as part of its lawsuit against the State Department. They cover Clinton’s first three months as secretary of state in early 2009, a period for which Clinton did not turn over any emails to the State Department last year. The government found the newly disclosed messages during a search of agency computer files from longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

In one instance, Clinton exchanged messages with a senior Morgan Stanley investment executive whom she met with later that year at her office in Washington. They were among 246 pages of Abedin messages turned over to Judicial Watch.

The new Clinton emails include a February 2009 message to her from Stephen Roach, then-chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, saying he planned to testify to Congress that week and was “happy to help in any way I can.” Roach later met with Clinton over the summer for 30 minutes, according to Clinton calendars obtained by The Associated Press.

In another email, Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, informed her that National Security Agency and State Department officials discussed an attempt to develop a modified blackberry for Clinton that might be used when she worked in a restricted State Department office that did not allow private phones.

Clinton called the development “good news,” but she continued using a private Blackberry tied to her private server.

Wretched woman. If it’s ever been obvious that someone has sold their soul to the devil….it is this lying hag. Seriously…how else could you explain her getting away with murder and having no consequences to face for it? Pun most certainly intended.

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