BREAKING: Mob of 30 Muslims Do the Unthinkable to Teen Girls

BREAKING: Mob of 30 Muslims Do the Unthinkable to Teen Girls

Three teenage girls who were enjoying a day at the mall fell into contact with 30 Muslim migrants who sexually harassed them…what turned out to be another horrifying incident highlighting the consequences of having an open border policy, started out with two of the guys following the three girls. They were taking photos and video of them then adding it to their social media accounts…from there, is escalated.

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Within a short space of time, up to 30 men of “immigrant background” arrived at the mall and began to chase the girls. Other shoppers alerted security guards to the situation and police arrived on the scene.

According to the report, police officers were “insulted, threatened and sometimes injured” by the migrants as they attempted to detain some of the alleged perpetrators.

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Four men were later taken into custody, including the two main culprits, but three of them were subsequently released due to “lack of grounds for detention” despite “resisting arrest” and becoming violent with officers.

Businesses throughout the shopping mall are also reporting an “increasing number of thefts” and customers being “molested” by migrants. More young girls approached police after the incident received media attention and said that they too had been sexually harassed.

The incident has sparked a “new debate on security and the handling of criminal immigrants,” according to the report.

Interior Minister Stefan Studt said the incident was “unacceptable” and that Germans “need to be able to live freely in this country,” although he warned against drawing comparisons to the mass molestation of women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

FDP faction leader Wolfgang Kubicki asserted that the incident served as a wake up call that the country’s open border immigration policy was failing, calling it the “opposite of integration” and an example of how “parallel societies” are being created in Germany as a result of the migrant influx.

Although by no means on the scale of Cologne, where hundreds of women were sexually assaulted by Muslim migrants on New Year’s Eve, the incident is another disturbing reminder that Europe is importing huge numbers of individuals who treat women little better than animals.

My question is this- how did it escalate to this point. If it happened in any mall near me, random dudes at the mall would be whooping on the sexual assaulters…long before they had time to rise in numbers. I mean- if you see three teenage girls being harassed like that, do something. They could have done more than calling a security guard- that’s just me though.

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