Breaking News: Japan Makes HUGE Move – It’s Coming…

Breaking News: Japan Makes HUGE Move – It’s Coming…

By Right Wing News’ Cassy Fiano

With North Korea’s increasing aggression, there has been some concern about the safety of United States naval ships in the area. But while North Korea has isolated itself, the United States still has allies. And one of those allies has come to our aid.

Japan has sent its largest warship to protect an unnamed American supply ship, which is believed to be deploying to resupply the USS Vinson strike group. The deployment of the Japanese warship is the first time the country’s new powers expanding the role of their military have been used.

The Japanese constitution, ratified after World War II, is pacifistic in nature and does not allow for the use of any military force beyond self-defense. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expanded the definition of self-defense, however, to include defending Japanese allies, as well as providing logistical support.

The 800-foot helicopter carrier Izuma left from Yokosuka, which is south of Tokyo, to escort the supply ship to the waters off Shikoku. The strike group that the supply ship is believed to be supporting is in the area in an effort to prevent Kim Jong Un from carrying out a sixth nuclear test.

Currently, the Izumo is authorized to use “minimal firepower” to protect the supply vessel if a situation arises. And while North Korea has not undergone another nuclear test, it has continued testing long-range missiles, and boasts that the nuclear test can happen “at any time and at any location”, and that Pyongyang was “fully ready to respond to any option taken by the US”. Unless the United States stops with their hostile policies, they say that they will continue to work on their “preemptive nuclear attack” capabilities. North Korea also claims that they have the ability to sink the USS Vinson, as well as the USS Ohio, a submarine, with a single strike.

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Japan seemingly recognizes that this could be a situation that requires extraordinary actions. It isn’t wise to tiptoe around dangerous foreign leaders, as the Obama administration did, hoping that being nice to our enemies would convince them to behave better.

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