BREAKING: Plane Makes Emergency Landing, Catches Fire on Runway [VIDEO]

I do a lot of flying and things like this make me reconsider that. While incidents like this are few and far between, it doesn’t make me worry any less. The pilots managed to save everyone on the plane, but freak accidents like this are unpredictable.


From Western Journalism:

A red-eye flight full of passengers bound for Milan, Italy, burst into flames on a Singapore runway Monday morning after having to turn back due to engine problems.

Flight SQ368 was carrying 241 people including passengers and crew, and miraculously all survived. But although everyone was able to leave the plane at Changi Airport unharmed, the memories of the ordeal will stay with them forever.

One passenger, Lee Bee Yee, posted on Facebook, “I just escaped death! Our Singapore Airline plane was leaking oil 3 hours flying off and the plane had to turned back. After reaching Changi Airport, as the plane was landing, the engine burst into flames!!!! … We were so close to death!! I am still in the plane with the passengers. But I think we are safe for now.”


Yee later told The Straights Times about her experience.

She said the smell of fuel entered the cabin two or three hours after the plane took off. “We were informed by the pilot that there was a leak, and that the plane would have to return to Changi Airport as it did not have enough fuel for the journey,” Yee said.

After Boeing 777-300ER aircraft landed, the passengers watched in horror as flames engulfed the plane’s right wing.

“The blaze was quite fierce and we waited for around two to three minutes before the fire engines arrived,” Yee said.

According to airline officials, the aircraft’s right engine caught fire after the plane touched down more than four hours after takeoff. They said that the turnaround occurred “following an engine oil warning message.”

Thank God everyone is safe, but that would put me off flying for quite a while.

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