BREAKING VIDEO: Watch Paid Protesters Get Caught Starting The Berkeley Riots

BREAKING VIDEO: Watch Paid Protesters Get Caught Starting The Berkeley Riots


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“Professional protesters” incited the violence at writer Milo Yiannopoulos’ planned speech at the University of California, Berkeley this week.

They were the same people who caused violence elsewhere on Milo’s West Coast tour.

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Milo’s Berkeley speech Wednesday night ended in riots, with anti-Milo protesters starting fires, destroying windows, and punching members of the crowd. A female Trump supporter was pepper-sprayed while being interviewed on camera.

Big League Politics has obtained exclusive video footage of the agitators who started the melee. They moved furtively into the crowd dressed in black and quickly started wreaking havoc.

“They come in in a single-file line with backpacks on. They have shields,” Milo’s security coordinator Tej Gill, a former Navy SEAL, told Big League Politics in an exclusive interview.

“These are professional protesters from out of town. They’re the same guys that were at Seattle,” Gill said, describing agitators with “full face masks on, black hoodies, black jeans, black gloves.”

The video below shows the agitators moving in an orderly and prepared fashion through the crowd:

Gill said that the group brought baseball bats and bricks to Berkeley, which matches their methodology from Seattle.

“They had baseball bats, shields. They were carrying homemade shields like Spartans,” Gill said.

Gill said that the agitators were prepared and ready to strike.

“They just marched right in. They walked in with a purpose,” Gill said. “They cut right in through the crowd. They broke through the crowd about one layer back” behind the steel barriers. “They surrounded the building and started throwing eggs, throwing rocks.”

“Then they went to town pulling those steel barriers apart,” Gill said, noting that breaking the barriers is a process they clearly prepared for. “Within seconds, they ripped them apart.”

This video shows the hooded operatives moving in unison around the perimeter of the crowd before the violence broke out.

There are a number of different left-wing and anarchist groups targeting Milo, and they use different tactics. The anarchists usually send a scout into the crowd to wave a flag at a determined spot, signaling to comrades to move in — sometimes without masking their faces, so they appear like students or peaceful protesters.

The media has been using the term “Antifa” (or “Anti-Fascist”) to refer to a loose confederacy of extremists cropping up at anti-Milo and anti-President Trump protests. But the term doesn’t really mean anything, and it doesn’t seem to encapsulate the agitators’ worldview. After all, shutting down free speech with violence is the defining fascist act. Gill dismissed the idea that “Antifas” were responsible for the violence. It was “professional protesters,” he said.

The Milo resistance movement is clearly getting more complex. An anonymous January 5 post at targeted Milo under the headline “Let’s Shut Down The Alt-Right College Tour Circuit.” The author did not call for violence in that post, but made it clear that he/she was focusing on shutting down Milo’s tour videographer Matt Perdie.

The America First Project, a new advocacy organization for populist nationalism, has launched a petition urging Congress to withdraw federal funding from the University of California, Berkeley. Here is the America First Project’s petition, which reads in part: “After the shameful violation of free-speech at Berkeley against Milo Yiannopoulos, the University of California at Berkeley should be defunded and have all non-essential federal subsidies cut. Tell the President and the Congress that you support defunding Berkeley by taking action below.”

The America First Project has also drafted a letter to Congress calling for swift and decisive action:

“What is wrong with this university? Berkeley put students’ lives in danger and allowed the worst elements in our society to wreak havoc in front of the eyes of the nation. This cannot stand.

We believe in freedom of speech. We despise all attempts to shut down free speech in service of an authoritarian agenda that aims to silence all of us if we step out of line. Milo deserves to speak on campus. Berkeley has shown that it stands with domestic terrorists over the cause of freedom of thought.

The University of California, Berkeley must understand that stifling free speech and allowing terrorist activity is evil. The school has disgraced itself in the eyes of Middle America. The school must be de-funded until it changes course, protects freedom of speech, and disavows the terrorism that occurred on its grounds.

We ask you to cut off the $370 million in federal funding that the University of California, Berkeley receives per year. This is the only way that these left-wing agitators posing as educators will ever learn their lesson. It is the only way to make colleges understand: Free speech is here to stay, and it cannot be stopped.”

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