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British Bizarro World: Today, we’re going to learn about “Topsy Turvy land”, otherwise known as Britain! In this strange and fantastic realm, the justice system works to protect the criminals while the people the crooks are trying to victimize go to jail. Just take the case of one Tony Martin

“Tony Martin, the farmer jailed for shooting dead a teenage burglar, had his application for parole rejected yesterday.

…Mr Starr, a Cambridgeshire businessman, said Martin told him a Probation Service report to the board criticised the farmer for “not being up to speed with the 21st century and of thinking things were better 40 years ago”.

Mr Starr added: “A lot of prisoners lie and say they are sorry about something when they are not. He was not prepared to lie. It is not a question of ‘does he feel sorry’. He feels he should never have been intruded on and he acted in self defence.”

Richard Portham, another friend, said: “He told me that the Norfolk probation service was recommending that he should not get parole because they considered him a danger to burglars.”

“I suppose the attitude came across in this report that he would do it again.”

That’s right folks! In “Topsy Turvy Land,” shooting burglars is illegal and they even keep people who defend their homes in jail because they might be a “danger to burglars.” Even the police are in on the act as you can see from this article in the Daily Telegraph

“Police have been ordered not to bother investigating crimes such as burglary, vandalism and assaults unless evidence pointing to the culprits is easily available, The Telegraph can reveal.

Under new guidelines, officers have been informed that only “serious” crimes, such as murder, rape or so-called hate crimes, should be investigated as a matter of course.”

Yes folks, for all intents and purposes, in “Topsy Turvy Land” your home isn’t a castle, it’s an open market with fantastic prices (all you can carry for free)!

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