The Peace Weenie Negotiating Tactic Of The Century

The Peace Weenie Negotiating Tactic Of The Century: Even if you stuck Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela, and Susan Sontag in a room together, they couldn’t come up with something this mind-bendingly naive COLLECTIVELY…

“President Bush forms a peace delegation and travels to the Middle East.

This delegation is made up of three grandmothers, three children under the age of 10, a priest, an imam and a rabbi, all U.S. citizens.

They travel to Ramallah, Gaza, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Baghdad. They meet with Ariel Sharon, Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein and as many Israelis, Palestinians and Iraqis as they can. They talk about what they all have in common: Children, the planet – those sorts of things.

“The message would be simple,” said John Paul Lederach, a Mennonite professor who came up with the idea. “These are the faces of who we are. The divide between us must be bridged. Too many of our children have died. We know this from Sept. 11, 2001.

“The welfare of our children is tied to the welfare of your children. Let violence end and co-existence begin. Help us help you.”

Forget about wild. That idea’s just plain crazy – not to mention impractical, implausible, maybe even impossible. Maybe. But it’s no crazier than war.”

Yes, actually it is crazier than war to send a bunch of grandmothers, 10 year-olds, and religious leaders to negotiate with Saddam. The only reason Bin Laden had the courage to attack us in the first place was because he thought we were a paper tiger that would rather sue him rather than fight. Before 9/11, if Bin Laden had thought that he was going to be vaporized at Tora Bora on the tail end of a US route of the Taliban and Al-Queda forces, the WTC would still be standing today.

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