Conservatives Have Been Trying To Warn America About Groups Like Hamas

Conservatives Have Been Trying To Warn America About Groups Like Hamas: Almost since 9/11, Conservatives have been pointing out that destroying al-Queda in and of itself will not stop other 9/11s from happening. Time and time again we’ve said that we have to go after the whole global network. That means not only Al-Queda, but Hamas, Hizbollah, the other terrorist groups of global reach and the regimes that continue support them all have to be eliminated. Here are a few words uttered today by Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior member of Hamas that proves our point…

“If Iraq is attacked… all American targets will be open targets for every Muslim, Arab or Palestinian. Any attack against Iraq will be answered by resistance everywhere and American interests everywhere will be targeted. We say that all American targets will be open targets to every Muslim, Arab, or Palestinian.”

Maybe it’s just me, but when a senior member of a terrorist group like Hamas says that they want to target, “American interests everywhere,” I take them at their word. Before 9/11 Osama Bin Laden was making similar threats against America and he carried them out. Furthermore, we have EVERY reason to believe that Hamas will do so as well if they’re capable. Especially since this wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve murdered Americans. The sooner all the members of Hamas are locked up or are preferably dead, the better off not only Israel will be, but the better off America will be. The fight isn’t just with Al-Queda, it’s with the whole global terrorist network.

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