A bully kept demanding that this kid fight and oh did he get his wish [VIDEO]

A bully kept demanding that this kid fight and oh did he get his wish [VIDEO]


We definitely live in a strange world. Apparently today, the way people respond to violence and bullying isn’t to intercede. The response is actually to just record and cheer on the violence. When a young man stands menacingly stands over the boy while the boy holding the camera laughs as well. The young man looks straight ahead and avoids eye contact. But that doesn’t deter the bully from continuing to taunt the student in the chair.

As the man with the camera moves to get a better angle, things really start to heat up. While the boy in the chair continues to sit stoically looking straight ahead, the boy standing over him starts to push him and scream profanities in his face. At this point you can tell the boy in the chair is struggling to maintain composure.

And then it happens. The boy bursts out of his chair. And for someone who was previously so submissive, he is not playing around. It doesn’t take long for the tables to turn. Soon the bully is the one cowering on the floor. They are pulled apart, but not before the previous bully is on the ground.

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Watch it here:

The real issue here isn’t an underdog fight. It is the culture of bullying that permeates our children’s lives. If they are raised to bait and feed on the underdogs, those who are different, what is going to prevent them from doing this as adults. Too many children are being bullied. The results are devastating. I am torn here. Part of me thinks we need to avoid violence. But I also think this might have been exactly what that bully needed. He needs to know that he can’t dehumanize and exploit those around him. What do you think? Was he right? Or should the bullied boy have continued to sit submissively?

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